An easy and addictive multiplayer game – aviator, where you can notice an airplane taking off was released in 2019 by Spribe. Spribe is a fantastic development company that knows how to interest casino slot fans not only with crash games but also with classic games like roulette, blackjack, and poker.

This slot is not predictable, as the airplane can fly away at odds from 1x to 1000000x. It is luck that counts here. Players themselves decide when to withdraw money and collect profits. The amounts of bets are very different – from 10 INR to 10 000 INR. And the maximum possible profit is equal to 1 000 000 INR in India.  
If we talk about the slot itself and its principle, we can start with the description. The player’s win multiplier on the curve is easy to see, which is described by a flying airplane and can fly away at any moment. As soon as the round begins the multiplier scale starts to rise. Before the airplane takes off, the player is required to place a bet. A random number generator generates a multiplier on the playing field at which the airplane will fly. A few seconds or a few minutes take the duration of each game round and then make new bets and the flight resumes. They must be made until the moment the airplane flies away. The coefficient that will be multiplied by the amount of the successful bet of the user will be equal to his winnings. This will be a victory in this round. The player has lost this round and this amount of money, if it did not work out to withdraw his money before the plane leaves. This slot can be profitable for experienced players.

Aviator Game Details 

Each user thinks it is necessary to know about the details of this slot and now they will find out in the table:

Game NameAviator
Game ProviderSPRIBE
Minimum Bet10 INR
Maximum Bet10,000 INR
Max. Win1,000,000 INR
Date Release2019

How to bet on Aviator?

To start creating a bet in Aviator it is important to deposit the amount, then it is required to click on the “Make a bet” button. And the companies in India allow you to create 2 of them at the same time, but you will need to add a panel for bets. On the betting panel in the corner add it and use it. While the multiplier is increasing, there is a chance to cash out one bet first and then the other, thus earning easily more. For a minimum of INR 10, you can place a bet. If one likes to bet at the maximum, then it is available at 10,000 INR. The more to create more than 1 time during the game round bet in this slot is allowed and earnings are possible more. In the game Aviator, the smallest possible multiplier is 1. Most often in this slot are multipliers from 2 to 4. But to users who do not risk you can bet on the odds of 1.2-1.7, which will be safer. Well, in addition, you should understand the choice of your strategy and it should be guided to earn here.


Manual Bet

When you are ready to create a bet, specify the amount and the “Bet” button should be pressed. And also in Aviator is available the ability to create 2 of them. You will need to add a new betting panel if you want to create 1 more.


Auto bet

In the Aviator slot, an automatic bet for users of companies in India is allowed. It will not be cashed out automatically, so you will need to complete it manually, or there is a way to use the Auto Cashout tool. The said tool in this slot is considered very useful and convenient for users.

Features of the Aviator game 

The features and what’s aviator games for users in India can now be considered. It is popular in India because of the many unique features and functions that distinguish it from similar slots. After a detailed review, we are ready to share information about its exclusivity: 

  • At any moment, users are allowed to withdraw their hard-earned money. And the winnings themselves are accrued as follows – the amount of the bet multiplied by the payout coefficient;
  • Communication between players is allowed in the built-in chat;
  • Indian players are allowed to access information about multipliers, bets, and winnings of others;
  • 2 bets are allowed at the same time to increase profitability in Aviator and are possible thanks to the additional betting field;
  • Free or real money allowed to play it in the casino;
  • No problem is easily accessible via the internet for PC or on the mobile device after installing the app.

The atmosphere of excitement of the Aviator cash game delivers the desire to bet players even more.

Aviator game tips and tricks

Every beginner wants to start playing Aviator correctly. Although the results are random and unpredictable, there are a couple of tips and recommendations that can help the user to earn:


Play for free.

Though this slot is as simple as possible, however, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the gameplay, without investing money. Demo mode provides an opportunity to participate for virtual money and not only get pleasure but also experience. Since it is important to make the right decision when to cash out, the experience is extremely important here to understand and use the features of the game and this will give an advantage over betting real money;


It is better to use small bets in the beginning.

When you gain experience and feel ready to participate for real money, then initially starting with smaller bets will be the right thing to do. To increase your bankroll create lower stakes in a given slot and the losses will decrease. If there is a desire to start with large bets, then the chance to quickly reduce your bankroll increases significantly. Therefore, it is recommended to take a responsible approach to the processes with money and reduce the risks;


Avoid searching for patterns.

In games with a random number generator, the numbers in the rounds are random, and in the Aviator game as well. In this slot, the multipliers of the last rounds are easy to spot above the airplane flying area. Looking for patterns in these statistics seems like a good idea and trying to anticipate the outcome of a future round, but it is impossible to predict it;


Beware of autoplay.

While the autoplay feature is interesting, it needs to be used carefully. If not set up correctly, it is possible to lose the entire balance.


Crash Game Aviator is a slot that allows you to watch an airplane fly and collect good multipliers. The multiplier gradually increases, it is important to withdraw your winnings in time before the plane flies off the playing field. The game has a 99% RTP and the ability to bet on x100 odds. Beginners should use the demo version, use the tips above and choose your betting strategy. The game is simple, and the rounds are fast, which is what Indian users like. Use it soon and get adrenaline and positive emotions.


Is the Aviator game legal in India?

Yes, this elephant in many online casinos is legal in India. It is from the developer Spribe and is legal thanks to the RNG technology. A valid online gambling license can be seen on the official page of the office in India, such as Pin-Up, 1xBet, 1Win, Mostbet, and Parimatch. Several states in this country have banned online gambling and paying attention to this is important – these are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

What is the game, Aviator?

Aviator is an addictive crash game from developer Spribe. Watch an airplane take off and players need to cash their bet before the airplane disappears from the playing field. The longer the plane is in the air, the bigger the multiplier, and this is an opportunity to earn more.

Is the Aviator game real?

Rest assured, the Aviator slot from Spribe is real. It is possible to find this slot at licensed online casinos in India. It is best to go to trusted online casinos in India and place your bets there.

Where can I play the game Aviator?

Play Aviator should be played on the platforms of online casinos in India or download the application of these offices to play on your phone. Choosing one of the best online casinos in India to play this slot is not difficult. For example, decent options are 1Win, Pin-Up, Mostbet, Parimatch, and 1xBet.