What Are Cookies

Most professional platforms and websites use cookies, alerting users as soon as they land. A cookie is a tiny file downloaded to your desktop/mobile devices. It is designed to improve your experience with a particular site. 

In these paragraphs, we are going to mention the information collected, how we use it, and why we usually store it. Besides, we tell you how to restrict/disable cookies, although this may result in poor quality and even disrupt some functionality of the platform.

If you need more general information about cookie technology, take a look at the related article on the Wikipedia site.

How We Use Cookies

There are a few reasons for using cookies, and they are described in the following paragraphs. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable this option without losing the features they add to this platform. Therefore, we recommend that users leave all cookies to access all the services offered on this site.

Disabling Cookies

You can limit the use of cookies or disable this function altogether. The algorithm on how to do this depends on your browser, so it is recommended to check its settings. It is also important to note that disabling this option will affect the functionality of this platform or any other site you explore.

The Cookies We Set

The platform you are exploring provides services of newsletter subscription. Therefore, cookies can be used to remember if you are registered and to show certain notices that may be really useful.

Third Party Cookies

Occasionally, we’ve to use cookies related to trusted third parties. They are detailed in the sections below, so you know what you will encounter while using this platform.

Google Analytics is the first, since this analytics solution most commonly used by such platforms. The tool allows us to have a clue how you use our site and figure out how we can improve your experience. These cookies typically track a few key details, including the pages you visit most often and the time you spend here. This way, we can continue to create engaging content. 

If you need further information about this type of cookie files, please browse through the official Google Analytics page.

You can also go to different social networks using the buttons and plugins we have placed on the site. This means they typically provide additional cookies through our website to collect information that allows them to improve your experience when you interact with the corresponding social network.

More Information

This description of cookies and their functions should clarify why we use and store them. As mentioned above, if you are uncertain whether a cookie is associated with a service you use on our website, it is best to leave this option enabled. If you need help with current cookies, feel free to contact us via one of the methods available.