Bookmaker Office 1xBet in cooperation with the development team Spribe put on their platform an Aviator game online, which literally in a couple of months was able to become a hit with all users. It has a simple concept, all you see on the screen is a drawn airplane that starts to fly up after the start of the round, and with each passing second increases your winnings. The most exciting thing is that at any moment it can fly out of the visible area, in which case you lose because you have not taken your bet, but you can do this at any second. Thanks to this system, everything relies only on luck and a gut feeling of the player.Bookmaker 1xBet has also transferred Aviator to mobile devices, with the official app, which has all the necessary functionality. There users will also find all the other popular entertainment. They can also register in Aviator game, make a deposit, and in case of any questions or problems, contact the support team.

Characteristics Of The 1xBet Aviator App

The application has some basic features that make it so good to use:

Quality optimizationThe team of programmers who worked on the creation of the specialized 1xBet app for smartphones spent a lot of time and effort to bring to perfection the optimization. This is evident when using it, as players simply won’t be able to find any bugs or brakes as when selecting games or simply scrolling. All animations work as smoothly as possible and it doesn’t look like you’re just using the mobile version of the site, when playing you feel like it’s a full-fledged separate app that most users choose instead of the PC version.
The range of features and entertainmentIn addition to the Aviator in the 1xBet app, users will also be able to find all the other sections where they could realize their bets in the desktop version of the site. This can be both slots, sports betting, and live games. In addition to entertainment, all features have also been transferred. This means that the application allows you to go through the process of registration, login, deposit, and withdrawal of funds. Also, importantly it is access to all bonus programs, promotions, and opportunities for promotion codes, for example registering through the application player will also receive a welcome bonus.
Low system requirements for iOS and AndroidDespite how extensive 1xBet for smartphones is, it is as undemanding as possible and will work stably even on the most outdated devices. According to statistics, on phones from about 2016 release, it still works without bugs and problems.

These are just 3 main features that users tend to highlight.

Pros And Cons Of The Game Aviator In The Application 1xBet

Even though the providers of the game Aviator for 1xBet, brought it to a state in which it is almost impossible to add anything else, but still, it is not completely perfect. Based on the reviews of various players, there are several major pros and cons of the game:

  • Beautiful animation
  • The possibility of high odds
  • The table of winnings
  • Convenient interface
  • A short break between rounds

But also the disadvantages for some users can be an advantage for others. As a rule, it depends on what Aviator strategy the person is following and, in general, what his main criteria are for choosing entertainment.

How To Download And Install The 1xBet App For iOS?

how to download and install the 1xbet app for ios

Aviator game 1xBet download can be coupled with the mobile application on the IOS. To do this you do not need to make any effort, you can choose from two options. The first option is to go to the official website, find the necessary section, and click on the IOS logo, after which you will be transferred to the App Store. And already in the official store you can download 1xBet and install. Also, you can do all this without using the site, but start directly from the store, that is, just go in and enter the name of the bookmaker.

How To Download And Install The 1xBet App For Android?

how to download and install the 1xbet app for android

1xBet Aviator download you can along with the app for Android smartphones, it takes a little time and is done in a few steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the bookmaker;
  2. Find the section with applications and go to it;
  3. Choose what you need, in this case, it is an Android app (it will automatically start loading an apk file into your app store);
  4. When the download is happening, go to security settings and give permission to install from unknown sources (this is necessary so that your device will allow the application not from the official store);
  5. Click on the apk file to install it.

Once you have managed to Aviator 1xBet download with the app, all you have to do is log into your account and start playing. It is recommended only to be connected to a stable access point for the whole process to take as little time as possible.

System Requirements For Android And iOS

A great feature of the official 1xBet app is that it works steadily on almost 100% of all smartphones. The developers have made sure that it is as undemanding as possible. 

If we consider it for Android devices, you will need a processing power of at least 1.4 GHz and a firmware version of at least 5.0 for the app to work stably. You only need to free up 90 MB of memory on your phone. 

Users of iPhones and iPads also don’t need the latest devices. The minimum firmware should be – IOS 8.0 and above. If we talk about CPU power, the application needs at least 1.2 GHz. And the free memory on the device should be at least 90 MB.

How To Find 1xBet Aviator In The App?

Players who are new to the official site or the 1xBet app may find it a little difficult to find the Aviator on they want to place a couple of bets. But the fastest way to find it is as follows:

  1. On the 1xBet homepage, click on the “Casino” section;
  2. You will be taken to a selection of relevant games, wherein one row near the lines “live casino”, and “promotions” in the very right corner will be located Spribe Aviator, you only need to click on;
  3. Choose your game mode and place your bets.

That’s how literally in a couple of clicks you can go to the necessary entertainment on 1xBet.

Deposit And Withdrawal Via 1xBet App

deposit and withdrawal via 1xbet app

To discover the opportunity to make bets for real money, the player must make an Aviator deposit to the that is to replenish account 1xBet. It is as easy as possible to do it:

  1. Go to the necessary section with payments;
  2. Select the deposit and the specific method you are comfortable with, such as VISA, Mastercard, Google Pay, etc.;
  3. Specify the amount you want to deposit;
  4. Double-check all the data, to make sure you entered everything correctly and confirm the transaction.

Depositing an account is usually instantaneous, so in a couple of seconds after it’s finished you may check your account, log in and start betting. 

When you win enough money and want to make an Aviator game withdrawal, it will be as easy as funding your account:

  1. In the payments section, select withdrawal;
  2. Decide on the method, that is, where you want them to go;
  3. Enter the necessary amount and confirm the operation.

This process usually takes up to 24 hours during which the money must arrive in the account you specified. If the amount was written off but is not displayed in your wallet, it is recommended to write to the support of the resource, as from the side of the bookmaker’s office all was done correctly.

1xBet Aviator Account Registration

Before you make your first deposit and start winning at Aviator, register is the first process you need to go through to discover all the features of the platform. It requires minimal effort and time from the player, as all you need to do is a couple of clicks of the mouse and the keyboard:


Step 1

Click the button to register your new account;


Step 2

In the data window, enter your phone number and password that you will use in the future;


Step 3

Click “send sms” to confirm your number. You will receive a code which you will have to enter in the box provided and confirm;


Step 4

Choose a currency;


Step 5

Finish the process.

So, you have created your 1xBet account, which you can use to get various bonuses, Aviator promo codes, and promotions. This method is one of the fastest, so it is usually chosen by players, but you can also register via email and social networks. To do this, in the window that appears, just select the method you want.

Login To The 1xBet Aviator App

After installing the 1xBet app, to start playing Aviator and other games, you will need to log in, and it is very easy to do so:

  1. Click on the login button, on the site it is located next to the button to register;
  2. Enter your ID or email. You can also enter your phone number;
  3. Enter your password;
  4. Finish logging in.

On the official site, you can check the box before completing so that the system remembers you so you don’t have to constantly enter your information.

Strategies & Tips

Whatever the various techniques of the game, there is still no definite Aviator winning strategy. But there are methods that users can follow to increase their chances, here are some of them:

  • Playing at the lowest odds. This method of play is to bet something like 10% of the deposit and get rewarded exactly when the plane flies 1.5 or perhaps 1.1. If you pay attention to the flight statistics, you will see that in many rounds the plane arrives at this altitude. Thus, this strategy is the most reliable of all. The only drawback is that you will need to concentrate and be prepared to spend a lot of time;
  • Playing for high odds. This strategy is the riskiest for players, but if luck is on their side, it is also the most profitable. It involves expecting odds of 50 or higher. You can note that the plane reaches this altitude on average once every hour and a half by looking at the flight statistics table. Based on this, if you bet 500 INR at odds of 50, you will win 25,000 INR.

Certain recommendations should be followed in order not to lose money. For example, you should not make the last money in one big bet. It is better in such situations to split the amount into several rounds, obviously, that way you increase the chances of winning back. It is also better to set for yourself certain odds that you want to reach, and when the plane reaches it, be sure to take your winnings.

1xbet strategies & tips

Benefits For Indian Mobile Users

Many Indian users prefer to bet at 1xBet Aviator using the mobile app rather than the official site, based on the following advantages it offers:

User support service

The 24/7 support service is ready to help players from India in case of absolute any problem. Years of experience with the staff will allow us to solve the issue of any level of complexity. At the same time, all methods of communication with them are available on mobile devices.


Just like the official 1xBet website, the app for mobile devices is completely legal in India. In the relevant section, any player can read that the company is licensed by Curacao, which allows it to operate completely legally.

Players in India don’t have any problems with the Aviator app download and stability.


Where Can I Find The Aviator Game On 1xBet?

To find Aviator on the 1xBet platform, you will need to go to the section with all the games, where they will be separately posted. Also, despite the fact that there is no 1xBet Aviator app, the game is present in the main app from the company.

Is 1xBet App Legal In India?

Yes, the app as well as the official 1xBet website are licensed by Curacao and are therefore completely legal. So all bets made by Indian players are considered legit and clean.

What Are The Advantages Of The 1xBet Aviator App?

The main advantages of the 1xBet app players highlight the intuitive interface, excellent optimization yet undemanding, and the availability of all the features that are present on the official site, as well as a nice design.