Well-known in gambling circles Spibe development team worked on Aviator so that it could understand even a newcomer who came to 4rabet India for the first time. The principle is that you must place a bet and watch the plane go up. Most importantly, as it rises, your bet increases, which can be multiplied up to 200 times the maximum possible height. Even with a small result, players from India can multiply their deposit 5-10 times in a couple of seconds if they reach those odds.

4rabet Aviator Review

The company 4rabet is relatively young, but already has a large audience, carefully studying it, you can highlight the main information:

Date of foundation2018
The companyUmbrella Development B.V.
Game typesLive, line, casino, live dealers, TV Games, eSports
Min depositINR 100
Withdrawal limitMin INR 1000 / Max INR 250,000
BonusesWelcome Packages, promo codes, permanent promotions, tournaments
Mobile AppAndroid, IOS
Customer ServiceLive chat, email, Social media, FAQ

This is basic information about the platform that players can learn before registering for Aviator and placing their first bets.

4rabet Aviator Game

4rabet aviator game

4rabet Aviator game is considered one of the most profitable for the players, this can be seen simply by opening the statistics in the main menu and seeing the latest winnings. Thanks to this, it has become popular, and as a consequence, many users may have questions about its honesty and transparency. But on this account, you can not worry, because the game works on a system of random number generation. This means that no one can know exactly at what altitude the plane will stop and when it is necessary to take your winnings. In addition, Aviator developers themselves have all the necessary licenses to operate in the gambling market, and of course, betting company 4rabet guarantees players safe and fair play on their platform. The creators of Aviator have provided some rules for users who have decided to try their luck by betting on their product. First of all, it is to be registered and authorized on the platform. Also, observe the minimum bet when playing Aviator the game. And the main rule for winning is that you need to click on the button in time to pick up the amount, as the plane can fly out of sight at any moment and zero out what you bet. You can do this whenever you want, even right at the first second, it just depends on how much you are willing to risk and multiply your money.

How to find the game “Aviator” on the website 4rabet

To start playing Aviator and multiplying your funds, first of all, you need to find it on the platform. To do this, do the following: 

  1. Log in to the browser;
  2. Enter the name of the 4rabet office into your search engine;
  3. Click, to enter the official website;
  4. Find the “Casino” section in the top bar of the homepage and click on it (you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate game category).

You’ll be able to find Aviator right away in the popular entertainment section. Or enter its name in the search engine site.

Start Playing At 4rabet Aviator

After you have managed to find the game on the official site 4rabet, you need to do the following steps to start playing it:

  1. Click on the branded Aviator logo to enter it;
  2. Once in the main menu, select the bet you want to start with;
  3. Click on the “Bet” button and wait for the next Betting Round to start.

The main condition to start is that you need to deposit so that your balance has funds for wagering.

4rabet Aviator App For Android And iOS

In these times, when technology is developing at an unusual speed and all entertainment is becoming more compact to provide better convenience for the players, the gambling market is also no exception. For one reason or another, not all users can or want to bet via PC. Most people have all the important resources on their smartphones, so the company commissioned a team of professionals in the field of mobile service development, to create the 4rabet app. Although there is no separate Aviator app, the game is available in 4rabet for smartphones.

Notably, it is available for both iOS devices and Android smartphones and works equally well on both. At the same time, it does not require excessive system requirements and a large amount of free memory. You can download the Aviator app directly from the official website of the company, without any difficulties, all you need is stable Internet traffic. The app contains all the same features and games as the desktop version of the site. This means that any user can deposit and withdraw funds, register, and log in. Despite the fact that there is no separate 4rabet Aviator app, the beloved game has kept the whole process but has become fully adapted for mobile devices, without any errors or hang-ups.

4rabet aviator app for android and ios

Register To Play 4rabet Aviator

To start playing and placing bets and to Aviator register, you will need to create an account with 4rabet. This can be done on the official site or in the application, the process does not change. You just need to follow a few simple steps:


Step 1

Find the official site using the browser you use;


Step 2

Click on it to enter;


Step 3

Find the button for registration on the right side, and click on it to open a window with the data entry fields;


Step 4

Choose if you want to register by email or phone (we will consider the first option);


Step 5

Fill in your email and password, which you will enter later on entering the site;


Step 6

Choose a currency and enter a promo code, if any;


Step 7

Choose one of the welcome bonus packages;


Step 8

Read all the rules and tick all the boxes;


Step 9

Complete the process by clicking on the appropriate button.

At this point the process is complete. It is also recommended to write down all the data you might have forgotten. In the future, you will need to enter them to access your account.

4rabet Aviator Promo Code 2024

4rabet aviator promo code 2023

In addition to classic promotions and bonus packages on 4rabet, there are various codes. For example, with the “XXXX” Aviator game promo code and other entertainment on the platform players can find out if they constantly follow the current news of the company. As well as various resources dedicated to the topic and other similar sites that provide similar information.

Active until: 22nd of August 2024 PM

Get A bonus In 4rabet

To start using any bonuses for the game, you need to perform several actions when registering:


Step 1

When filling out the form, find the box to enter promo codes;


Step 2

Enter a promo code, if you have one;


Step 3

After completing the registration.

This is all you need to do to activate a promo code at 4rabet.

4rabet Aviator Deposit

4rabet aviator deposit

To start playing for real money you need to make an Aviator deposit, this is done by recharging your account in 4rabet:

  1. Go to the section for payments on the official website or in the application for smartphones;
  2. Select the option to make a deposit;
  3. Familiarize yourself with all methods and click on the one you prefer;
  4. Enter all the necessary data;
  5. Decide on the deposit amount;
  6. Confirm your actions.

This way you can deposit money to your account literally in a couple of clicks. 4rabet offers the most actual, and most importantly legal, deposit methods such as Google Pay, UPI, Bitcoin, and many more.

Withdraw Money

4rabet aviator withdrawal

When you were able to multiply your deposit sufficiently and want to make an Aviator game withdrawal, it is done as follows:

  1. In the payments section, select Withdrawal;
  2. Find from the list the method that will be convenient for you;
  3. Decide on the amount you want to get on your wallet or card and specify it;
  4. Finish the transaction.

Now you just need to wait till the balance is replenished in the server, where you withdraw your winning.

4rabet Aviator Demo

Some players are not ready to bet real money and risk right away but want to get to know and learn the game a little. Perhaps build for themselves some strategies that they will use in the future to make their bets. It is for such users the possibility of Aviator demo mode, in which you do not have to make deposits to your account. To take advantage of it, you only need to select it at the moment of entering the game, and when you decide to make real bets, you only need to click on this mode.

4rabet Aviator Bonuses

4rabet aviator bonuses

An important factor when choosing a bookmaker for betting is its bonus system. The rewards themselves are an integral part of any gambling platform, as it is always important how beneficial it will be for the user to use a particular company. In this respect, 4rabet compares favorably to all its competitors and has one of the most interesting systems of rewards for players. Go to the relevant section of the website or app and you will find several bonus programs:

Casino Welcome Package

Many casinos have such a package, but 4rabet has the most lucrative one. It applies to a player’s first 4 deposits after registration and includes the following percentages for players:

  • 1st deposit. 200% maximum amount up to INR 30,000;
  • 2nd deposit. 120% with a maximum amount of up to INR 12,000;
  • 3rd deposit. 180% with a maximum amount of up to INR 18,000;
  • 4th deposit. Although it is the last, it also has a 200% bonus up to INR 30,000.

If you read the terms and conditions, players can read that these funds will only be allocated to 4rabet casino slots and the minimum amount to deposit must be at least INR 100, the wagering period is 7 days.

Sports Welcome Package

The second main package at 4rabet is also welcome bonuses, but on sports events and includes the following:

  • On the first deposit. 200% with a maximum amount of up to INR 20,000;
  • On the second deposit. 150% and maximum up to INR 15.000;
  • On the third deposit. 100% maximum up to INR 10.000;
  • On the fourth deposit. 150% maximum up to INR 15.000.

This is a great way to start implementing your sports betting.

Ongoing promotions. In addition to the two main packages, you can also see dozens of different promotions on sports and casino events in the bonus section. Each has its own wagering conditions and benefits for players. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with everything before using it.

Promo code

Active until: 22nd of August 2024 PM

If you are an active user and constantly follow the current news and events on the platform, you can easily get various promo codes. You can also learn about them from other resources dedicated to this topic. To use the code, simply click on this line in the bonus section, it will be located in the upper left corner.

Thanks to this system, betting in 4rabet becomes several times more profitable. Any player can take advantage of the full range of available bonuses, the main thing – carefully read all the conditions.

4rabet Aviator Game Strategies

Every person who is just beginning to get acquainted with the game has the question of whether there is an Aviator winning strategy. Unfortunately for users, it is based on the generation of random numbers, so no game methodology will give one hundred percent success. But this system guarantees that no one can know the outcome of any round, and therefore all are in equal conditions and everything depends only on luck.

But some of the more experienced players still stick to some of their strategies, through which they can increase their chances or at least guarantee the safety of the investment. They also do not always work but allow you to create a more responsible and reliable approach to the game.

Minimal Risk

The most basic strategy is betting with minimum risk. They consist of the fact that you do not bet more than 10% of your deposit. This makes it hard for you to lose everything, at the very least. And also take your winnings at odds no higher than 1.5, which also minimizes the risk. In the aggregate, it turns out that the process will be quite long, but in the long run, you have a great chance of being guaranteed to be in the black. But you can also use the auto-cashout function and put the minimum value, reaching which the game itself will take the winnings. In general, this strategy suits more patient users, it requires concentration and thinking a few rounds ahead.

Moderate Risk

A moderate-risk game is just a little higher level than minimal risk. That is, here the stakes are already slightly higher, and the odds you expect are 2-3, not 1.5. Based on general statistics in most cases the plane crosses this line, so you just need to watch. And if it suddenly stops flying to the right height, it is worth pausing for a couple of rounds and waiting out this period, and then continuing to bet. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the possibility of double bets and combine the two strategies, that is, to put the minimum amount and the average. Thus, you will compensate for undesirable losses at small ones, and you will be in the black at higher ones.

Increased Risk

The most dangerous method of playing with increased risk. As a rule, users who are not afraid of losing a lot of money at once stick to such a game. Here you expect maximum odds and bet really big amounts. Since the plane in theory can cross the boundary of 100, a player can multiply his deposit in one round. Based on statistics such heights are crossed once every hour or so, the user can also use the table with the results of the rounds and try to guess the moment to place his bet.

4rabet Aviator Hack

On various services, channels, and other Internet resources you can find a lot of theories and false confirmations like “Aviator hack” etc. But the company 4rabet uses the latest technology to protect both user data and all the entertainment on its platform. In addition, the developers of the game guarantee that it is impossible to crack or in any way know the outcome of rounds. At the moment, no such case has been officially recorded, so do not trust such news and instructions on how to win, because usually, it is engaged scammers.


The company 4rabet is not in the first year of operation in the gambling market and from the very beginning first received all the necessary permits and licenses. If you go to the official website or download a specialized application for smartphones and run it, you can go to the appropriate section and read that the office has a license in Curacao. Thanks to this, all bets and games of Indian users are legal and completely transparent, so they do not have to worry. In addition, the providers of the famous aviator game 4rabet are also legal and have their brand “Spribe”, which guarantees the safety and purity of the gameplay.



4rabet Aviator is not just why it has gained such wide popularity among gamblers. Undoubtedly, it has objective advantages, thanks to which and was able to stand out so clearly against the background of other entertainment. First of all, by entering the website of the office and clicking on the logo game Aviator and making the first bets, users may pay attention to the following nice features: 

  • Winning opportunities. This is the most fundamental factor on which the whole game is based. It lies in the fact that absolutely any player, even without any experience and knowledge of any strategies can enter and literally for a couple of rounds multiply the bet dozens of times. Such opportunities have become available because the developers have simplified the system, which consists only of the fact that you need to make a bet, click on the button, and then click again later to take the winnings. No instructions or explanations are required, everything can be done intuitively. Also, all this is available thanks to the built-in random number generation system, because of which in any round coefficients can reach huge values;
  • Design. This is the second most important characteristic of any game, since in addition to the desire to win, users want to enjoy the process itself. In this case, the developers managed to find the perfect balance and not go overboard with anything. The stylistics of the game is done in the minimalism of everything, this is done so that the player was more focused during the round. Since here it is necessary not only to spin the slots and watch the colorful special effects but also to pick up your winnings in time. And excessive animation can have a bad effect on attention during the game. In addition, the proprietary design has been optimized in the application for smartphones, so users will not notice any cuts or shortening to the level of the official site;
  • Gameplay variability. Aviator is one of the few games that allows the player to choose a strategy that suits him best. Since the entire process here is basically up to you, you can play however you want, within the limits of the platform’s capabilities. That is, this can be a big risk, or small, using auto cashout or double stakes at once, there are options for any user. 

These are just some of the advantages that can be immediately discovered by logging into the game. Each betting notes for himself the individual pluses of Aviator, which helped to get good winnings.

4Rabet Review

When choosing any product, first of all, it is necessary to rely on the opinion of more experienced people who have already managed to use it and were able to form some impression. In this case, the gambling market is also no exception, so when choosing the game Aviator 4rabet to have fun and try your luck, you can read some reviews. In short, if you summarize the main opinions of the players, you can bring the main theses that they bring describing it.

In general, people share that they were able to multiply their deposit by several times in just a couple of rounds when they first came to the game. Also noted was the originality of the concept of the game and its possibilities. Also, players advise on how best to bet, that is, to use the autoplay and auto cashout that helped them win.


The company 4rabet provides its users with the confidence that they can make deposits, bets, etc., and not worry about any problems, as at any time they can contact the support service. No matter how optimized the application and the official site are, various technical problems and in general difficulties for some players are inevitable. In such cases, there are several ways to contact the professional staff, which are always ready to provide the necessary assistance:

  • Email. On the platform, you can find the e-mail address of the company, which is designed so that any user can describe in detail the difficulty encountered and receive the necessary solution. This method is for you if you want to describe your problem in detail. The answer is usually given within 24 hours;
  • Live Chat. Upon entering the site, you will immediately find a button at the bottom of the screen, which opens a dialog box. It allows you to communicate directly and most importantly quickly with employees. You just need to write a message and you will get an immediate response;
  • Telegram. Also in the dialog window can choose Telegram, then either by QR code or through a direct link, you can go to the bot assistant 4rabet, which is always ready to answer any questions.

In addition to these ways, before making bets, it is recommended to read the section “terms and conditions”, which describes in detail all aspects of the platform.


To sum up, objectively we can conclude that 4rabet is a great platform to play the famous aviator from the provider Spribe, as well as many other entertainments. At the moment, few competitors can provide the same advantageous conditions for players, in terms of bonuses, usability, and the range of games themselves. In addition, specifically in terms of convenience, the company has also provided one of the best applications for betting, with which it is difficult to compare. Among other things, 4rabet is a one hundred percent reliable and legal platform, which does not give personal information to any 3 persons and guarantees the safety of donated funds. Well, regarding any questions from users company is responsive and 24/7 provides professional advice and help from support staff. That is why you should pay attention to this bookmaker company when choosing a platform for betting.


Which Platform Is Best For The Aviator Game?

Thanks to 4rabet, Aviator can be played both in the mobile app and via the desktop version of the website. The choice of platform depends on the preferences of the particular user, if the main factor is mobility and convenience, then it is worth choosing the game on a smartphone.

Is The Aviator 4rabet Legal In India?

Bookmaker 4rabet has all the necessary permits and a Curacao license, which allows it to legally conduct gambling activities in India. In addition, the developers of Aviator also have many years of experience in this market and guarantee reliability.

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Withdrawals At 4rabet?

The minimum withdrawal amount for 4rabet is INR 1000 and the maximum is INR 250,000.

What Is The Maximum Bet In The Game Aviator?

The maximum bet per round the player can make for INR 8000.

Is There A Problem With The 4rabet App?

After carefully studying the app and also following the reviews of regular users, it can be said with certainty that it is practically not subject to any malfunctions or bugs. If, however, individual players have any technical problems, it is immediately recommended to contact support.

What Are The Maximum Winnings In The 4rabet App?

For such information, users can go to the main page of the site and scroll down. There are banners on each category of games with statistics on the maximum winnings of players for different periods.