1xBet Aviator Review

The 1xBet website is a popular gambling portal that provides a wide variety of entertainment for its users. On the site you can find a large number of slot machines, table games, bingo and other gambling games that can bring you pleasure and possibly promise profit. You can also enjoy live gaming with real dealers at the online casino. The 1xBet website also offers interesting sweepstakes, promotions and bonuses that allow you to get additional opportunities to play. Below is a table of basic information about 1xbet company:

Date of registrationThe 1XBet company has been in operation since 2007.
LicenseLicensed by Curacao eGaming License.
Availability of applicationsThere are mobile apps for iOS & Android.
Size of bonusesOffers various bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers.
Deposits and otherOffers a range of deposit options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer. Accepts Indian rupee as a currency.

When we talk about the Aviator game itself  it is quite intuitive and enjoyable for beginners. Aviator game differs from classic slot machines in that it simulates the flight of an airplane and depends on the player’s ability to guess which place on the runway he will land. The game is very simple: before the start of the round, the punter makes a bet, chooses which multiplier he wants to bet on, and launches the plane. When the plane lands on the selected multiplier, the player wins.

When creating a slot version of the Aviator casino game, it is necessary to take into account the attractiveness for potential players. The main criteria for success are high-quality graphics and sound design, as well as a high percentage of returns.

1xBet Aviator Game

1xbet aviator game

The rules of the Aviator game are quite simple. The player bets that the plane will stop at a certain position or go beyond the specified boundaries during the flight. If the bet wins, the player receives a prize according to the bet. All bets and winnings in this game depend on the chosen position.

The game’s fairness and safety are guaranteed by 1XBet’s industry-leading security measures and their use of an advanced random number generator (RNG) to determine the final location of the plane. This means that every player has an equal chance of winning, and the game’s outcome is completely random and unbiased.

There are some main features of the Aviator game:

  • The game is based on a graph that represents a plane taking off and flying higher and higher. Players can bet on when they think the plane will crash;
  • The higher the plane goes, the greater the payout will be for those who bet on it not crashing yet;
  • The game uses a random number generator to determine when the plane will crash and end the round;
  • There are several strategies and betting patterns that players can use to maximize their chances of winning in the game;
  • There is the Aviator Predictor which uses algorithms and past data to predict when the game will end;
  • As with any form of gambling, there are risks involved, and players should always gamble responsibly and not bet more than they can afford to lose.

How to find the game “Aviator” on the website 1xbet

To locate the Aviator game on the 1XBet website, follow these simple steps. You can find Aviator game manually among them or use the search bar. To begin, navigate to the website’s homepage and locate the search bar. Next, type in the keyword “Aviator” and hit the “Find” button to initiate the search. You should see the Aviator game in the search results. Click on its icon to open the game and enjoy playing it on the 1XBet website. The process is fairly easy to follow and shouldn’t take much time.

Start Playing at 1xbet Aviator

If you decide to play Aviator on 1XBet first of all you need to go to the official website of 1Xbet. After you have found the official 1XBet website and opened it, you will see the main page of the site. To go to the casino games section you need to find the “Casino” tab at the top of the page and open it. A huge page with games and search filters on the left side will appear in front of you. When you have found Aviator and opened it you will see a game window. In this window you can place bets and choose their size, watch the flight of the plane, watch the history of past multipliers, as well as watch the bets of other players. To participate in the round, you need to place a bet. This can be done in the following way: at the bottom of the window, you can enter the bet amount manually or use the suggested templates, then click the “Bet” button and wait for the start of the next round.

1xbet Aviator App for Android and iOS

Gamblers have long been drawn to casinos, but with the rise of technology, casinos have become accessible everywhere, including through mobile apps and devices. One such app is the mobile version of the 1XBet. A casino’s mobile counterpart is typically available as an app, granting players the ability to enjoy casino games from their mobile devices. With simple and convenient gameplay, these apps provide an easily accessible way to play anytime and anywhere. 

  • The mobile version of the casino offers the advantage of being accessible at all times, without the need to physically visit a traditional casino or sit at a computer. With the ability to play from nearly anywhere, including on-the-go, players are able to enjoy their favorite games with greater convenience and time efficiency.
  • Another benefit of using the mobile version of the casino is the wide range of games available, including popular online game Aviator. These games function just as they would on the website version, allowing punters to access and enjoy them from nearly anywhere.
  • One of the advantages of using the mobile version of the casino is the ease and convenience of its user interface, enabling punters to play their favorite games effortlessly and efficiently. The mobile interface typically features intuitive buttons for navigating various sections, managing bet scales, and placing bets – all of which are conveniently located on a single page. With this streamlined design, punters can easily customize their settings and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Additionally, the mobile version of the casino often features an adaptable design optimized for use on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and more. This adaptive design ensures that all interface elements remain streamlined and optimally positioned for different screen sizes and formats across devices.
  • The 1XBet’s mobile version typically provides a high-speed and flexible interface, enabling punters to respond quickly to dynamic playing conditions. In Aviator app, where decisions must be made rapidly, the mobile interface remains highly responsive, allowing punters to place bets and make informed decisions based on the current game state.

In conclusion, it is true that the mobile version of 1XBet in the form of an application is a fairly convenient and simple way for gambling.

1xbet aviator app for android and ios

Register to Play 1xbet Aviator

To register an account on the 1XBet website, you may use the following steps:


Step 1

Visit the 1xBet website through the link provided on their official site or through a search engine.


Step 2

Click on the registration icon/button.


Step 3

Choose your preferred method of registration, which can be done through your mobile number, email, or social network account.


Step 4

Complete the registration form by providing your personal information, including your name, date of birth, and address.


Step 5

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email or message with instructions on how to activate your account.


Step 6

Activate your account by following the instructions provided in the confirmation message.

After completing all of the above points, your personal account will be ready for playing 1XBet Aviator game. It is important to remember that data from your account cannot be transferred to anyone under any pretext.

1xbet Aviator Promo Code 2024

1xbet aviator promo code 2023

Promo codes are also available on the 1xBet website for playing Aviator, which allow you to get additional bonuses and benefits. There is a “Promo” tab on the 1XBet website, which provides players with access to current Aviator promo codes and casino bonus offers. Here you can find information about current promotions that may be useful for participating in games and betting. In addition, in this tab you can also find information about lotteries and tournaments, the prize funds of which can reach significant amounts. Be sure to read the terms and requirements of each promotion before taking part in it. Here you can also find links to contact support, which will help answer any questions related to promo codes or 1XBet bonuses.

Active until: 22nd of August 2024 PM

Get bonus in 1xbet

In order to receive bonuses on the 1XBet website, you must first register on the platform and create an account by making your first deposit. Once you have done so, you will gain access to a variety of bonus offers and promotions that can help enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. These offers may include first deposit bonuses, free bets, lotteries, tournaments, and promotions for VIP players, among others. To receive these bonuses, it is important to carefully review the terms and requirements of each promotion and follow the instructions provided. Remember to always gamble responsibly and keep your budget in mind. If you require any assistance regarding how to receive bonuses, feel free to reach out to the customer support team of the site for any questions you may have.

Withdraw Money

withdraw money

If you have played enough and you want to receive your earnings all you need to do is make a withdrawal. Here is the step by step guide how you can make it:

  • Go to your personal account. Find the My Account icon on the 1XBet and click on it;
  • Find the Withdrawal tab. Once you have accessed the personal account tab, you will need to find the “Withdraw funds” tab;
  • Select the payout method. Among the Aviator withdrawal methods, you need to find withdrawal method which you need to receive your money and choose it;
  • Enter your payment details. Enter all the necessary details of your receiving account. After filling in all the necessary information for payment confirm the information you have entered and send a withdrawal request;
  • Wait for funds to be received. The process may take some bank working days due to the load of the payment system.

1xbet Aviator Deposit

1xbet aviator deposit

In case you choose to play Aviator on 1XBet website, you’ll be required to make a deposit to begin gambling. The process for depositing funds on the website is straightforward and can be completed by following a few simple steps. To make a deposit, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the official 1XBet website. Find the official 1XBet website on the internet and open it. In another case you may open 1XBet app and use it if you have this app on your device;
  • Create an account. Go through the Aviator registration process by entering all the necessary information to create a personal account;
  • Locate the Deposit Button. To find the deposit button, you need to move your gaze to the upper right corner. There you will see the deposit button and then you need to click on it;
  • Select deposit method. 1XBet offers a variety of deposit methods, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you;
  • Wait for the top-up. Please expect a delay in the funding of your account on the bookmaker’s website, as the payment system might be experiencing a high volume of transactions.

Once the funds have been transferred to your account you can start your leisure time on the 1xbet Aviator game.

Deposit methods for 1xbet

There are several deposit methods available on the 1xBet website in India that allow players to quickly and conveniently replenish their gaming account. Among the commonly adopted payment methods, bank cards like Visa and Mastercard rank as one of the most popular options. In addition, e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay and others are available. These deposit methods provide instant replenishment of the account and the security of your financial resources. It is important to note that when choosing a deposit method, it is necessary to take into account the restrictions and fees that may be charged by the casino or the bank.

1xbet Aviator Demo

On the 1XBet website, bookmaker gives you the chance to try out Aviator game for free. For this purpose, there is a demo mode on the website. To activate demo mode you need to navigate to the Aviator game icon and click on “Play for Free”. You will see the same game window with the same functionality as in the regular version of the game. To make sure you have switched to demo mode, you will need to look at the top of the game window. “Fun Mode” sign should appear at the top of the game window.

1xbet Aviator Bonuses

On the 1XBet website there is an opportunity to receive bonuses for the Aviator game. To do this, you need to register on the platform, create an account and make the first deposit. Then you can take part in special promotions and bonus offers related to the Aviator game. Some of the bonuses may include extra credit or other nice bonuses. At the same time, be sure to read the terms and requirements of each promotion in order to get the most benefit from the bonuses offered. Do not forget that it is important to play responsibly and keep your budget. If you have any questions related to receiving bonuses for the Aviator game, please contact the contact support on the 1xBet website.

1xbet aviator bonuses

1xbet Aviator Game Strategies

In crash games, people use various Aviator strategies that may be influenced by factors such as game rules and personal risk preferences, impacting their effectiveness. The following are some common strategies frequently employed:

Cashout Bot.

Aviator 1XBet allows you to set an automatic cashout amount, which will automatically end the round and cash out your winnings if the graph reaches that point;

Reading the Room.

This strategy involves observing past trends, the behavior of other players, and factors such as overall market conditions to try to predict when the game will crash and choosing an appropriate cash out amount.

The Martingale System.

  1. Martingale is a gambling betting strategy based on the punter increasing his bets until he wins. The essence of the strategy is as follows
  2. The game starts with some pre-selected starting bet;
  3. After each loss, the player should increase the bet doubly so that if he wins, he pays back all past losses in this series, with a small profit. If the sequence is followed, the player’s profit on winning will be equal to the initial bet;
  4. If the player wins, the player must revert back to the initial bet.

When the player wins, even after a long losing streak, he will win back all his losses and still make a profit equal to the initial bet.

Alternative Progression Systems.

This includes strategies like the “Paroli” System, Reverse Martingale, and Fibonacci System, which involve increasing or decreasing your bet based on past outcomes;

1xbet Aviator hack

As in any other game, hacking Aviator on 1xbet is illegal and violates the terms of use of the platform. Hacking or cheating attempts can lead to negative consequences, including account blocking and legal harassment. The search for ways to hack Aviator on 1xbet is illegal and violates the terms of use of the platform. The game development team and 1XBet put a lot of effort into protecting the game from scammers and preventing the use of cheats. All players can be sure that games on 1xbet are conducted fairly and all outcomes are calculated based on random selection. In turn, players get the opportunity to test their luck and skills without fear of injustice from other players.

1xbet aviator tips for Indian punters

Here some tips for Indian punters which may help earn some cash or not to lose it:

  • It is important to establish a budget before engaging in the game and remain committed to it. You should never gamble an amount that exceeds your financial means;
  • Start with smaller wagers to comprehend how the game operates, and gradually raise the betting amount as you become more self-assured in your gameplay;
  • Carefully examine the gameplay patterns and closely monitor the graph movements to recognize trends, enabling you to make informed decisions while selecting your betting approach.
  • Select a strategy that aligns with your personal risk tolerance and budget constraints.
  • It is crucial to acknowledge and come to terms with losses in the game, rather than attempt to recoup them by wagering more than your budget or utilizing perilous betting strategies;
  • Remember to gamble responsibly and take breaks between playing sessions to avoid getting carried away.
tricks and tips

The answer to the question of the legality of casinos differs depending on the country and its laws. 1xBet bookmaker is an online gambling company that is licensed by Curacao eGaming License and registered in Cyprus. 1xBet bookmaker is available in India, and it provides the Indian rupee as one of its accepted currencies. While gambling is illegal in India, online gambling is not explicitly prohibited, and many international operators, including 1xBet, are accessible.


As for the advantages of playing Aviator on the 1xbet website, you can list the following points:

  • Potential for big wins. Although gambling should always be played responsibly, Aviator offers the potential for punters to win big money payouts if they make the right bets;
  • Low house edge. Aviator has a low house edge, which means that players have a better chance of winning;
  • Fast-paced gameplay. Aviator is a fast-paced game that can provide an exciting and immersive gaming experience;
  • Convenient and secure platform. 1xBet is a reputable and secure platform that offers a range of convenient payment options and user-friendly features to make playing games like Aviator easy and enjoyable;
  • Demo mode. The Aviator game on 1XBET features a demo mode which helps players understand the game rules and mechanics;
  • Bets history. By observing the bets of other players, you have the opportunity to follow the lead of the most successful player and replicate their strategy. Also upon joining the game, you have the ability to view the statistics of previous rounds;
  • 24/7 gaming. The Aviator game runs 24 hours a day, which makes it possible to join the game at any time of the day.
1xbet benefits

1xbet Review

Often people leave positive reviews about the Aviator game and about the 1xBet website. Here are some of them:


Aviator is a great option for those new to the online casino world. It provides a simple and easy-to-understand gaming experience, which is well-suited for people who are not yet comfortable placing bets on sporting events. With Aviator, you can choose the amount of your bet and play the game on your smartphone from anywhere in India.


Aviator provides a great opportunity to win real money in a simple and easy-to-understand game. Its user-friendly interface and attractive design make it stand out from other games in the genre. With its good odds and chances to win, Aviator has become a top choice for many players, including myself. While there may be some failures along the way, this is to be expected in any game of chance. Overall, I highly recommend giving Aviator a try if you’re looking for an enjoyable and potentially lucrative gaming experience.


This game has provided me with a great deal of enjoyment and I highly recommend it. It is designed to be simple, making it easy for beginners to learn and potentially win big. The rounds are relatively short, which helps to keep the gameplay exciting and engaging. While the colors and design could be more visually appealing, overall the game is quite good.

Summing up, we can say that punters playing Aviator on the 1xbet website are satisfied with the gambling process and service, features and convenience


Live support is available for Indian punters on the 1xbet website. The work of support in an online casino is one of the most important components in ensuring a positive gaming experience for players. Live support allows you to quickly respond to any problems faced by players and quickly provide them with all the necessary answers and solutions. The first-line support staff should have knowledge of the rules and conditions of the casino, as well as be able to find a quick and effective solution for any situation. Live support typically consists of a chat feature that allows users to communicate with a support representative in real time. The live support feature is available 24/7, which ensures that punters can get assistance whenever they need it. Live support representatives are trained to help punters with a variety of issues, including login problems, deposit and withdrawal inquiries, technical difficulties, and game-specific questions. Here punters may ask any question the answer to which they could not find in the FAQ tab. The support tab is located at the navigation menu on the left side of the website.


Aviator has quickly become my favorite game to unwind with in the evenings. It’s easy to pick up and play, and I often find myself winning. I highly recommend giving this game a try to all my friends who are looking for a fun and potentially profitable gaming experience. Overall, Aviator definitely seems like a game that’s worth checking out.
I’ve been using this bookmaker app for quite some time now and I find it to be really good. The interface is user-friendly, the withdrawal process is quick and hassle-free, and the overall gaming experience is quite enjoyable. Overall, I’d recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a smooth and convenient online bookmaking experience.
I’ve been using 1xbet for two years now and I haven’t faced any issues. The odds are good and I’m satisfied with the overall experience. The only problem is for those who try to use more than one account.


Casino FAQ is an important tool to support players, their task is to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about casinos, games, payment and other topics related to the gaming process. Before contacting live support, you may use the FAQ tab to find answers to any questions you may have about your gambling process. The most commonly asked questions are grouped into different categories, making it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for. By utilizing the available resources, you may be able to find the ask for your question before reaching out to the live support team.

Where is the Aviator in 1xBet?

To locate the Aviator game on 1xBet, head to their online casino and browse through the variety of games that are available. Look out for an icon that resembles a gamepad, labeled as “Other Game”. Click on it to access the full list of games and locate the Aviator game among them. If you encounter difficulty finding the game among the options, feel free to use the convenient search bar to look it up by name.

How to withdraw money from 1xBet Aviator?

To withdraw money from your 1xBet account, you need to open the “Withdraw Funds” tab, select your preferred withdrawal method and enter all the necessary information to make a payment.

How to win at Aviator on 1xBet?

There are different ways to win at Aviator on 1XBet. You can use existing strategies or create your own. You can also rely on luck. Remember to always gamble responsibly and set limits on your bets and sessions.