Although the bookmaker Bluechip is quite young and was founded only in 2022, at the moment it has already gained a large fanbase, not least thanks to the Aviator game online. The game is widely known in the world of gambling entertainment, because of the features that it carries. Users are very strongly attracted to the opportunities they get when playing Aviator.

It has a very simple concept, on the screen you see a plane that takes off at the beginning of each round. But it does not end there, each second of its ascension, respectively, increases your winnings. For this, you also observe in online mode. And the main point is to have time to take your money because at any second he can disappear and you will lose your bet.Even though there is no separate Bluechip app Aviator, you can try your luck by going to Aviator from the company’s officially developed mobile app.

Characteristics Of The Bluechip Aviator App

The application from the company has several features for which users speak very highly of it, here are some of them:

Quality softwareThe cornerstone of any application is its system. Based on the experience of using Bluechip on smartphones, playing casino games on it, betting on sports, and using other features, it is obvious that it was made by real professionals. The developers have taken care to exclude the possibility of any bugs or technical problems within the system. In addition, the company is constantly monitoring it and making various updates to ensure greater convenience for users, so the Bluechip app how perceived as a full-fledged platform, not just an add-on.
Possibilities for usersWhen you first enter the application, it will be hard for a player to distinguish it from the official site, and not because of the design, but because it provides you with the same features. For example, even if you are not registered, you can do so with your smartphone, while also getting a welcome bonus and being able to enter a promo code. In addition, all casino games have been fully optimized for mobile devices, including all special effects and animations.
AccessibilityThe app is also completely accessible for any kind of smartphone, even though it may be considered outdated or just weak. This is done to allow as many people as possible to bet on their favorite games or sports.

Because of these features at the moment, most players prefer to gamble via their mobile smartphones. Added to all this is the general convenience and the possibility of not being tied to one place.

Pros And Cons Of The Game Aviator In The Bluechip Application

Although the Bluechip Aviator seems to be an ideal method of earning money for players, it also has advantages and some disadvantages. Experienced users in their reviews highlight the following main aspects:

  • The presence of the Autocashout function
  • Good opportunities for winning
  • Pleasant sound accompaniment
  • Too simple design

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a product that could satisfy everyone, so there are always both pluses and minuses.

How To Download And Install The Bluechip App For iOS?

bluechip app for ios

Downloading the Bluechip app for iOS will take you no more than 10 minutes, depending on your network connection speed. Since it is not possible to Bluechip Aviator app download separately, to play it on iPhone or Ipad, you need to go to the official website to make a couple of clicks:

  1. Open the drop-down menu;
  2. Find the section with the application;
  3. Select the desired platform, in our case iOS;
  4. After transferring to Apple Store, make the download and installation.

In the end, you can verify by going to the main screen of your smartphone, where you will see the logo of the betting company, which you can click on and log into your account.

How To Download And Install The Bluechip App For Android?

bluechip app for android

For Android devices unfortunately it is also not possible to the Bluechip Aviator download separately, but the game as well as in the case of iOS is available in the general app. To download it to your smartphone, first, it is recommended to connect to a stable access point, and then do the following steps:

  1. Enter the name of the official company website in your browser search engine to find it;
  2. Once on the Bluechip website, open the drop-down menu and find the line with the app;
  3. Click on it and select the Android version.

The apk file will automatically start downloading to your device. After that, you just need to install the downloaded apk file with Aviator game, log in or create an account and use all available betting features.


System Requirements For Android And iOS

The Bluechip betting app has the maximum system requirements available to a wide user base. If we consider Android smartphones, the player must have at least firmware version 5.0 and about 80 MB of memory. In the case of IOS devices, the memory requirements are about the same, and the minimum version for stable operation is at least IOS 8.0.

How To Find Bluechip Aviator In The App?

To start playing Aviator game in the app from Bluechip, you need to find it, and you can do it rather quickly and without any difficulty:


Step 1

Open the app on your smartphone;


Step 2

Login to your account;


Step 3

Scroll down to the section with popular games;


Step 4

Click on Aviator to start playing.

In addition, you can click on the small magnifying glass at the top of the site and enter the name of the game you want, if the name is entered correctly you will immediately find it.

Deposit And Withdrawal Via Bluechip App

deposit and withdrawal via bluechip app

To make your first bets real money must be made in the game Aviator deposit, to do this you need to replenish your account balance:

  1. Go to the section for depositing funds;
  2. Choose a convenient system (VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Astropay, etc.);
  3. Fill in all required data;
  4. Decide on the amount;
  5. Finish the transaction.

You will not have to wait long to make a deposit, since applications are processed quickly and you can log in and start betting almost immediately.

When you have decided to stop and you need from the Aviator game withdrawal funds that you have won, go to the withdrawal section and provide some information:

  1. Select the withdrawal method;
  2. Specify the amount;
  3. Confirm the transaction.

The term depends on the particular method you choose, so it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

Bluechip Aviator Account Registration

One of the most necessary processes to go through before playing is the Bluechip Aviator register. It consists only of entering all your basic data to create your account on the platform. This process takes place as follows:


Step 1

Once on the official website of the company click on the button for registration, it will be highlighted in green;


Step 2

In the registration window write your email and phone number;


Step 3

Think of a password that will be strong enough and that you will have no problem remembering;


Step 4

Specify the country and currency in which you will receive your winnings and make deposits;


Step 5

If you have a promo code you can also specify it and activate it right away;


Step 6

Finish your registration.

We highly recommend you keep your account information private to keep your money safe and secure.

Login To The Bluechip Aviator App

If your data is somehow reset, you’ll need to log in to your account again, which can be done in a couple of seconds:

  1. Click on “sign in.”;
  2. In the window that appears, select the method that works for you;
  3. Fill in your phone number and password, on condition that you have chosen this method of entry (if you clicked on an email, you will need to enter it instead of the number);
  4. Log in to your account.

After that you can continue to place bets, the funds on the balance will remain at the same amount as they were before you logged out of the account.

Strategies & Tips

Even though there are many different channels and articles about how someone has hacked or knows the Aviator winning strategy, officially such a thing is impossible. The development team based their product on a random number generation system, which is why there is no one hundred percent winning methodology. It is also impossible to know up to what odds and in what rounds the plane will reach them. But still, some players try to stick to their strategies, just to increase their chances and at least save the deposited funds, here are the most popular of them:

Minimum odds and betting

Adhering to this method of play you allow the minimum risk so that it is almost impossible to lose the entire amount. It consists of waiting for almost the minimum highs and making small bets at the same time. Following such a game requires only patience, as the process of earning is designed for several hours. Also here it will be possible to use the auto-cashout function and, for example, put in the odds line – 1.5, and only occasionally connect for the course of the game;

Average risks

In this strategy, it is already not recommended to use additional functions, as in each round you put an increased amount and expect odds of at least 2 to 3. If you refer to the table with the results of the last rounds, you can find that in most cases such heights are achieved by the plane. The most important thing in this game is to be careful and think about your bets ahead of time, to calculate potential losses and profits;

Increased Risks

This game is designed for desperate users who are not afraid to part with large sums and can take big risks. Following it is recommended to read the statistics carefully and try to guess roughly at what point there may be high odds. Before playing in this way, you should create a financial safety cushion for small bets.

These are the 3 main strategies that most users follow. Apart from them, it is also recommended to follow the basic rules for players, i.e. do not go in at once on the smallest bets, do not bet the last one on one round, and always keep yourself in check, no matter how big the winnings you got.

bluechip strategies & tips

Benefits For Indian Mobile Users

In addition to the basic premiums, the Bluechip app has features that all users in India will appreciate:

Absolute legality

First and foremost, it is always necessary to make sure that the product is completely legal and licensed. Players from India can be assured that their bets are completely clean, thanks to the Curacao license that the company has, which allows it to operate in the gambling market.

Special offers

If you go to the games section of the site, you can find many types of entertainment with an Indian theme, which will be especially pleasing to users of this country. For example, you can highlight the Indian roulette from Pragmatic Play, which can be found in the live games. In addition, if you constantly monitor the promotions and various tournaments can find a lot of proposals on a similar topic.


Bluechip support service is designed to exclude all the problems during the game with users regardless of the country and region. That’s why any player from India who might have questions will be able to get in touch by any method and get immediate advice.

In addition to these advantages, we can also mention the support of withdrawals and deposits in local currency and the availability of the Hindi language in the application.


Can I Verify Data In The App?

Verification of personal data is an important process through which the company can make sure that the player is real and of legal age. Since the company is completely legal it must always be convinced that the players have the right to gamble. To confirm your identity on the app, you only need to send a scan of your passport or other similar document to support.

Is It Legal To Play Aviator In The Bluechip App In India?

Yes, playing at Aviator is completely legal, because the company and the provider have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the gambling market. The betting app as well as the website are the property of the company and have full legality.

Can I Play Not For Real Money In Aviator?

In order not to use real money to bet in Aviator, you need to click on the “demo” button before you start the game. After that, you will go to the classic interface, but it will not be a real, but a demo account. And when you make bets, your real balance will not change in any way.

What To Do If The Withdrawal Of Funds Is Delayed Longer Than 24 Hours?

If such a situation arises, you should immediately write to the support service, for example, the e-wallet, to which you withdrew your money. If the money is written off your account, most likely, it is an error on their part. It is also worth double-checking all the data that you entered when you made the transaction.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Log In To My Account?

If you can’t remember the password you came up with when you registered, you need to click on the line next to this box, “Forgot Password”. A reset window will open where you must enter your phone number or email address, where you will receive further instructions on how to restore your account.

Can I Get Bonuses In The App?

Yes, the developers of the Bluechip app have provided all the same bonus programs that are present on the official website of the company. In addition to these, you can also use various promo codes and participate in all active promotions.